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Food Grade Salt (Edible Salt)


We Supply:

  • Pure dried Vacuum (PDV) Salt
  • Himalayan (Edible)
  • Speciality Salts


Salt is added to food, either by the food producer or by the consumer, as a flavor enhancer, preservative, binder, fermentation-control additive, texture-control agent and color developer.


The salt consumption in the food industry is subdivided, in descending order of consumption, into other food processing, meat packers, canning, baking, dairy and grain mill products. Salt is added to promote colour development in bacon, ham and other processed meat products. As a preservative, salt inhibits the growth of bacteria. Salt also acts as a flavor enhancer and as a tenderiser.


Dairy industries - salt is added to cheese as a colour/fermentation/texture-control agent.


Canned Food Products - salt is primarily added as a flavor enhancer and preservative. It also is used as a carrier for other ingredients, dehydrating agent, enzyme inhibitor and tenderizer.


Baking - salt is added to control the rate of fermentation in bread dough. It also is used to strengthen the gluten and as a flavor enhancer, such as a topping on baked goods.


Grain Mill Products - These products consist of milling flour and rice and manufacturing cereal breakfast food and blended or prepared flour. Salt is also used a seasoning agent, e.g. in crisps and animal feed.

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